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Wyvern of Wisdom Ornate Dragon Hidden Blade Sword Cane

$ 46.00


Wisdom does not come without sacrifice. The wise dragon resting atop this gorgeous cane knows this all too well. This alluring walking cane features an ornate wyvern handle made from sturdy zinc alloy with a stunning brushed pewter finish topped with gold accents. Not only is this cane fashionable, but also handy in times of trouble. Unscrew the handle from the stainless-steel matte black shaft to reveal a hidden 14-inch blade! The blade concealed within the cane shaft is constructed of stainless steel with a satin finish. A rubber tip at the end of the shaft prevents slipping for an overall functional and resourceful walking cane.



Overall Length: 36 in
Blade Length: 14.25 in
Non-Slip Rubber Endcap
Ornate Dragon Design
Hidden Blade in Shaft

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