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Visby Lamellar Coats of Armor Plate Set

$ 62.00


A coat of plates is a form of segmented torso armor consisting of overlapping metal plates riveted inside a cloth or leather garment. One of the best resources about coats of plates is the mass graves from the Battle of Visby. The Visby coats of plates display between 8 and some 600 separate plates fastened to their backings. The Visby Lamellar Coats of Armor Plate Set comes in a 100 piece set which allows you to start a custom coat of your own. The plates are 3.50 x 2 inches and are constructed of 20g steel. The come pre-oiled to prevent rusting.



Overall Length: 3.50 Inches
Overall Width: 2 Inches
Material: 20g Steel
Approximate Weight: 30 Gm

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