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Viking 14g Boar Formation Function Umbo

$ 38.00


This shield boss or umbo comes in 14g iron making it fully functional and ready for battle. To mount your boss there are eight pre-drilled holes and included is mounting hardware. The dimensions are 7.90”x 7.90”and large enough to place a grip behind it. The back side has a glossy black finish. The front features antique brass plating. You can usually find shield bosses on round shields round because one makes a punching motion towards an oncoming blow which can’t be done with other shields. Umbos are great at deflecting or taking the brunt of the blows. This boss would make a great addition to any Viking shield you are creating.



Outer Rim Dimensions: 7.90 x 7.90 Inches
Backside Inner Dimensions: 5 x 5 Inches
Backside Finish: Black
Material: 14 Gauge Iron
Hole Size: 6.3 mm

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