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Trumped USA Distress Flag - Anti-Trump Protest RESIST Pole Banner -Patriotic Trumped America USA in Distress Protest Flag - Upside down American flag with Trump's golden T supplanting all but the 30 stars . Available in red, white & blue or black & gray. 2x1ft / 1x2ft, 3x2ft / 2x3ft, 5x3ft / 3x5ft or custom, Anti-Trump Anti-Fascist Resistance Pole Banner, Antifa No 45 Criminal Trump-

Trumped USA Distress Flag, Red White and Blue

$ 18.00 $ 74.95

Trumped America USA in Distress Flag

An upside down (traditional orientation to indicate distress) version of the American flag with Trump's golden T supplanting all but the 30 stars which represent states where he won the electoral vote and dividing even those.

Available in both traditional red, white and blue or in black and gray (see other listing) to further symbolize the honor, strength, liberty and justice which Trump's presidency aims to strip away.

High quality, professionally made polyester flag in your choice of size and style, with double stitched edges and either grommets or matching pole pocket at left edge.

Standard Flags are 'single-side reverse' style with one printed side which shows backwards on the reverse when flown or held to light.

Deluxe Flags are fully double-sided and include two separately printed sides with a blackout layer between.

See a 'back-to-back' comparison of the two styles in the images....

These flags are made to order and typically ships in 5-7 business days.

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