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Antartic Flag - All Sizes - High Quality True South International Flag-High quality, professionally made polyester banner flag. Single or double sided, grommets or sleeve. 2x1/1x2ft 3x2/2x3ft 3x5/5x3ft 5x8/8x5f. True South international flag of Antartica. new official continent flag, Geographical South Pole, international environmental scientific research polar science expedition gift. -5 ft x 3 ft-Standard-Grommets-

Antartic Flag

$ 18.00 $ 80.00

The True South flag of Antartica was designed by Evan Townsend in 2018 with the intent of giving Antartic ecological conservation and the spirit of international cooperation a greater voice in international politics.

It has​​ since become the first more broadly accepted flag for the continent, being adopted by National Antarctic Programs, nonprofits, and expedition teams. It is now being flown at several research stations across Antarctica and included on the marker for the Geographic South Pole.

"Horizontal stripes of navy and white represent the long days and nights at Antarctica's extreme latitude. In the center, a lone white peak erupts from a field of snow and ice, echoing those of the bergs, mountains, and pressure ridges that define the Antarctic horizon. The long shadow it casts forms the unmistakable shape of a compass arrow pointed south, an homage to the continent's legacy of exploration. Together, the two center shapes create a diamond, symbolizing the hope that Antarctica will continue to be a center of peace, discovery, and cooperation for generations to come"

High quality, professionally made polyester flag in your choice of size and style, with double stitched edges and either grommets or matching pole pocket at left edge.

Standard Flags are 'single-side reverse' style with one printed side which shows backwards on the reverse when flown or held to light.

Deluxe Flags are fully double-sided and include two separately printed sides with a blackout layer between.

This item is made to order and typically ships in 5-10 business days.

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