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Tomioka Giyu Collectible Demon Slayer Replica Hashira Blue Nichirin Katana Sword

$ 76.00


In order to become one of the highest-ranking demon slayers, known as the Nine Hashira, you must first prove your worthiness. That kind of training and dedication could not be achieved without the assistance of a reliable Nichirin, which is the sword or weapon that is specially made for a demon slayer to kill demons. In the anime, the sword is forged from scarlet crimson iron and scarlet crimson ore, which are collected from the mountains. Though we may not be able to obtain these exact materials, we have nonetheless created a fierce katana for your anime collection. This replica katana is made to look just like the sword owned by Giyu Tomioka, who is a very powerful member of the nine Hashira in the series. The blade is constructed of high carbon steel with a factory edge and sports a black and silver finish. A black faux ray skin handle is wrapped meticulously with white cotton in a traditional Japanese Style. The steel hand guard features a geometric design in a burgundy and black finish. Included with this beautiful collectible katana sword is a hard black scabbard to house your blade when not defeating demons.



Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Blackened Finish
Handle: Faux Ray Skin Wrapped in White Cotton
Steel Pommel & Hexagonal Hand Guard
Black Scabbard Included

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