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ThunderCats Lion-O Sword of Omens Foam Sword

$ 31.00


ThunderCats is a vintage American animated series based on a group of cat-like humanoid aliens. The Sword of Omens is the legendary sword of the ThunderCats wielded by the ThunderCats Lord. Its blade can extend or retract, being in the form of a dagger when resting and a full-length broadsword form when at full strength and power. The blade itself is near indestructible, shown to be extremely strong, durable, and laser-sharp. It is able to slice through hardened materials such as steel and solid stone with relative ease. Its power stems from the Eye of Thundera, which is embedded in its hilt. The Eye of Thundera is a ruby-red stone containing an all-seeing, all-powerful, galactic/universal energy force that is sentient in nature. The Sword of Omens Thunder Cat Foam Sword is constructed of polyurethane foam with a 10 mm inner core and hand painted. Be one of Lion-O's faithful comrades and join him on his journey to save their world from darkness.



Dimensions: Overall Length - 42 Inches, Blade Length - 30.50 Inches
Inner Core: 10 mm
Outer Material: Polyurethane Foam
Features: Silver, Blue, Red Lacquer Finish

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