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Throwing Axe Shadow Dragon Sling Blade

$ 39.00


Dragons are known to leave devastation and destruction in their wake.  The Dragon Faluzure is the deity of Energy Draining, Undeath, Decay, and Exhaustion.  He is wretched but is beautiful like no other. He requires a continuous stream of death to maintain his beauty and perfection; if he goes without death for too long, he becomes gaunt and skeletal. He is worshipped by the shadow dragons that aid him in his quest to drain and destroy society.  The Throwing Axe Shadow Dragon Sling Blade is the only blade in existence that can pierce throwing his mighty scales right through to his heart.  The simple piece stainless steel is all you need to defeat this foe and his minions. It comes equipped with a faux leather sheath and belt loop to carry this dangerous blade with you at all times.  A faux leather wrap encompasses the handle for a firm and comfortable grip. Depicted on both sides of the blade is an image of the dragon deity himself.  With one powerful sling you could end his tyranny and save us all so do you have what it takes?



Overall Length: 11 Inches
Blade Length: 4.25 Inches
Head Width: 5.16 Inches
Thickness: 3.25 mm

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