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The Conqueror 1066 Norman Arming Sword

$ 190.00


Fully functional, this full tang sword has a hardness of 52-56 and is expertly crafted from tempered steel. Prominent on the battlefields of the Norman conquests, this style of sword first came to prominence in the 11th century and its usage extended into the 13th century. Featuring a brazil nut shaped pommel and a long straight guard, the sword is 40 inches long overall with a long tapering 33 inch long double edged blade. Bearing a 23 inch long fuller, the blade is intended for use against mail-clad opponents and is capable of powerful cuts. The grip is executed in brown leather which results in comfortable and secure handling and a great feel in hand. A great sword to add to any collection, it comes with a FREE sheath made from genuine leather with a solid steel encaixe and chape. Designed to be a light and maneuverable sword worn with armor (hence the name), the arming sword was the standard military sword of the medieval European knight. The term came into use to differentiate the standard single handed sword from other recently developed types such as the war sword and great sword. A transitional form of sword, the Normans first developed arming swords as variations on the earlier Viking sword, making leaner blades that could be much more adequate for singlehanded use. *Please note that due to the carbon steel construction of this handmade sword, there may be slight imperfections including some rusting on this item. This rust is easily removable and should not deter from the long term value of this item. Further rusting can be avoided by proper maintenance of the blade.



Overall Length: 40 Inches
Blade: 33 Inches Tempered Steel
Blade Width: 1.75 Inches
Blade Thickness: 4.4mm
Includes: Genuine Leather Sheath, Belt Loop

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