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SUPER AWESOME! Retro Vintage Pop Culture Meme Trading Cards

$ 7.00

Yeah, those Mork & Mindy cards you have in a shoebox at your mom’s house are pretty awesome, but they’re nothing compared to these. You see, these trading cards aren’t just awesome, they’re SUPER AWESOME!

Each 2½" x 3½" (6.4 cm x 8.9 cm) pack contains ten different cards featuring various things that are SUPER AWESOME!

From Abe Lincoln to Zombies, Taxidermy Squirrels to Donuts, Narwhals to Bacon, Robots to Gravy... Hedge Mazes & Plague Doctors, Caffeine & Unicorns, Roller Derby, Wizards, Dirigibles, Martians, Ninjas, Breakdancing, Crop Circles, Pirates, Roadside Attractions... and that's just getting started!

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