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Stealth Action Metal Ninja Rising Japanese Sword

$ 54.00


This Stealth Action Metal Ninja Rising Japanese Sword is designed with a wooden stained scabbard and handle that features Japanese Kanji. Kanji is script that was invented by the Chinese and adopted by the Japanese around the middle of the 6th century AD. The blade is construction of carbon steel and factory sharpened. The golden habaki adorns the top of the blade with a Japanese character. Katanas are made to be stealthy and the curved blade could be used for thrusting and slashing in battle. This traditional piece will be the treasure of any Japanese collection.



Overall Length: 38.5 Inches
Blade Length: 27.25 Inches
Blade Material: Carbon Steel, Mirror Polished
Handle Length: 9.5 Inches; Wood
Scabbard Material: Wood

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