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Stampeding Stallion Functional Replica Medieval Sword

$ 114.00


Armies were led by generals rising above them sat on gleaming, rearing horses shining with armor, their swords glinting off of the sunlight, a warning in and by itself. The horse’s front hooves find the ground again and the sword gripped in trained hands resembles the armor of the horse, seeming to blend into it. This is the Stampeding Stallion Functional Replica Medieval Sword. A blindingly bright carbon steel blade with a black leather wrap on the handle with the pommel fashioned lovingly into a rounded end with two triangular protrusions coming off of it. The guard is a simple, sleek oval with sharp ends again featuring the same transcendent shine as the blade. The Stampeding Stallion Medieval Sword is an untamed presence that runs amok, in and out of danger like a river; like something free and shining. The Stampeding Stallion is the same attitude and energy we enter difficulties with. Rise above them and send your own message. We are the descendants of those generals and we have our own stallions to approach difficulties with.



Overall Length: 34 Inches
Blade Length: 25.75 Inches
Blade Construction: Full Tang Heat Treated Carbon Steel
Handle Construction: Black Leather Wrap
Includes: Faux Leather Scabbard

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