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Spherical Pommel Knightly Foam Shortsword

$ 31.00


Don your armor and gather your horse and get ready for a great battle.  Fight to the death with the Spherical Pommel Knightly Foam Shortsword.  This blade is constructed of high density foam that has been hand painted with care.  The first unique feature you will notice is the spherical ball shaped pommel that adorns the top of the handle.  Pommels such as these were used to counter the weight of the blade and balance the sword. This close range weapon is a must have as it has a 10mm inner core making it strong and durable for mock battles.  Fight like the Knights of old with your very own shortsword.



Overall Length: 28.25 Inches
Overall Width: 6 Inches
Handle Length: 6.88 Inches
Handle Thickness: 1.13 Inches
Blade Length: 21.37 Inches

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