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Scandinavian Gotland Style Viking Outdoor Knife

$ 61.00


This beauty is hand forged from stainless steel and made to replicate the knives found on the island of Gotland near the Baltic Sea. The blade is forged from polished stainless steel into a modified clip point style. Viking Runes are etched on either side of the blade. Scandinavian knives are unique because the blades are usually short, with little to no belly and a flat spine that meets the point. They usually do not have a finger guard because this can get in the way when dressing field game. The smooth handle is carved from wood, with inserts of camel bone and pure brass to add interest. Included is a gorgeous leather sheath with a PVC vinyl coating for a sleek shine, with two decorative brass rings attached. Use the ring on the butt of the knife handle to pull your knife out of its sheath with ease.



Length: 9.25 inches Overall; 4.5 inches Blade
Handle Length: 5 inches
Material: Stainless Steel Blade
Handle Material: Wood, Camel Bone, Pure Brass
Vinyl Leather Sheath Included

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