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Saxon Sentinel Germanic Inspired Sword

$ 139.00


Step into the ancient realms of the Germanic tribes with the Saxon Sentinel, a formidable blade that echoes the spirit of warriors past. This handforged masterpiece is crafted from tempered 1095 steel, ensuring a blade that sharpens effortlessly, embodying the resilience and precision of the Saxon warriors. Measuring 32.5 inches in total length, with a 25.5-inch blade, the Saxon Sentinel is a true guardian by your side. The leather-wrapped handle provides a secure and comfortable grip, marrying rugged durability with an elegant aesthetic. Crowned with a metal pommel, the sword stands as a testament to the artistry and refinement of its craftsmanship. Safeguard your Saxon Sentinel in an authentic leather-wrapped wooden scabbard, a symbol of the dedication to detail that accompanies this Germanic-inspired masterpiece. With every swing, channel the strength and valor of the ancient Saxons, as the Saxon Sentinel becomes your trusted companion in the journey through time.



Tempered 1095 Steel: Easily sharpened for a blade that is as sharp as the warrior who wields it.
Handforged Mastery: Crafted with precision and care, each Teutonic Triumph is a unique work of art.
Rugged Elegance: Leather-wrapped handle provides a secure grip, marrying strength with style.
Metal Pommel Finish: Topped with a metal pommel, adding a touch of refinement to the sword's powerful presence.
Authentic Scabbard: Housed in a leather-wrapped wooden scabbard, reflecting the attention to detail in every aspect of this Germanic-inspired masterpiece.

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