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Savannah Woodlands Rugged Camping Outdoor Axe

$ 53.00


Outdoor axes are very versatile tools and a must have when venturing outdoors on a camping trip. The benefits of this axe include but not limited to chopping or splitting wood, making a make shift shelter, and piercing or prying since it has a pick on the back mimicking a Fireman’s axe. This axe is constructed with a stainless steel head featuring a black finish to help protect and prolong the life of the blade against corrosion and rust. The removable and interchangeable head is secured by star head screws. The handle is made of an ABS material with and ribbed for a more secure grip in all weather conditions. A lanyard hole is featured at the end of the handle to tie this blade to your pack when hiking or climbing. In the center between the pick and blade on both sides is a rough patch for grinding and hammering such items as nails or tent spikes. Included is a nylon sheath with belt loop.



Length: 16 Inches Overall; Blade: 4.25 Inches; Handle: 14.5 Inches
Overall Width: 7.50 Inches; Axe Head Thickness: 17.50 mm
Blade Material: Steel with Black Finish
Functions: Removable Head
Includes: Nylon Sheath with Belt Loop

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