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Renaissance Rapier Swept Hilt Sword - Square Guard

$ 151.00


En Garde! Extend the reach of your parry beyond your foe with the pin-point reach of this elegant and refined Renaissance Rapier. Mirror polishing applied to this stainless steel 3 foot long blade gives form to the functionality of this classic sword. The guard of the rapier is intricately built in a swept hilt design accurately used to protect the hand. Double concentric ring guards and a square fore-guard surround the metal wire-wrapped grip. Italian-style swept hilt rapiers were mainstays of the noblemen who graced the imperial courts of the Spanish Hapsburgs from Iberia to the Italian city-states of Milan and Naples. Inspired by the exquisite, hand-crafted designs of the Renaissance periods most noted artisans such as Tomas de Ayala, official sword maker of Phillip II, this swept hilt rapier is a beautiful re-creation of these classic weapons. Their reputation was renowned throughout the 16th-17th Centuries!



Overall Length: 43 Inches
Blade: 36.375 Inches, 3.25 mm Thick
Blade - 440 Stainless Steel, Mirror polished finish, Dagger Point, Factory Edge
Handle - 5.25 Inches Inches, Metal Wire Wrap, Pommel - Aluminum, Weighted, Balanced

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