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Panoramic Pro Full Face Snorkeling Mask with GoPro Mount

$ 59.95 $ 80.00

MITO Shark Professional Full Face Snorkeling Mask - A patented design offering reliable yet affordable option for those wanting a more natural and comfortable underwater experience.

Breathe freely through both your mouth and nose while exploring the beauty of the underwater world.

These masks feature a 180-degree view window made of high-definition polycarbonate designed for maximum clarity and minimal distortion. UV blocking, impact resistant and anti-shatter.

Specially developed 2 chamber system separates air intake and exhalation for improved airflow, easing breathing and preventing fogging.

High quality seals made of FDA approved food grade, hypoallergenic & oderless silicone, designed for both comfort and efficacy.

The tip of the snorkel features a dry top system and an automatic closure function when submerged.

Should any water or condensation still find its way into the mask, simply surface and it will automatically drain through valves at the chin.

GoPro compatible action camera mount above forehead alllowing you to capture and share your experience with others.

Hydrodynamic design based on shark fins with smoother arc lines to effectively reduce drag and resistance.

Available in two sizes to fit most adults and children. See sizing info in product images.

Package includes the following:

MITO Shark Professional Full Face Snorkeling Mask
GoPro Compatible Camera Mount Attachment
Dustcover Storage and Carrying Bags
Users Manual

Free Shipping Worldwide. The masks ship promptly from abroad and typically arrive in 2-4 weeks.

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