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Rechargeable Electronic Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator Patch

$ 17.50 $ 29.95

Remedies rechargable electronic TENS unit muscle stimulator patch with wireless on-board controls. Brand New. Shi8pped from the USA.

NATURAL PAIN RELIEF WITH MUSCLE STIMULATION: Natural drug-free and highly effective TENS UNIT for pain relief with muscle stimulation effect. 510K cleared for at-home use. Safe and Highly Effective.. WIRELESS and NO REMOTE CONTROL DESIGN: Wireless design allows users to move freely and make it discreet under clothing. No wire and no remote control compact design makes it very easy and convenient to carry and to use. Suitable for use not only at home or work but also on-the-go and walking around.. RECHARGEABLE: A rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides this professional unit the long-lasting power. NOTE: Please CHARGE the unit before first-time use. 20-minute cycle with auto turnoff feature.


  • EASY to CONTROL: 6 Automated Massage Program Options and 20 Power Levels for Intensity.
  • Only 2-Button to control just turn on the unit by pressing the on/off button and adjust the intensity by pressing “﹢” or “-”
  • Measures 7" x 5" x 1"

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