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Railroad Ruffian Functional Trailing Point Railroad Spike Knife

$ 39.00


Give a gift that will last a lifetime. This knife forged from a real high caliber railroad spike is a collector’s dream, and is the perfect way to show that special someone how much they really mean to you. Carefully crafted into a high-quality functional trailing point blade, this knife is not just a nice piece to look at but also quite useful. The large belly is perfect for slicing and skinning, while still having an incredibly sharp point for more precise work. The handle has been twisted for a refined look and better grip, but still keeps the raw appearance of a spike that came straight out of the tracks. Included is a thick tooled leather sheath so you can carry your knife by your side.



Hand Forged from Real Railroad Spike
Tooled Leather Sheath Included
Overall Length: 10.75 inches; Width: 1.25 inches
Blade Length: 6 inches
Handle Length: 4.75 inches

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