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Prestige Beard Balm

$ 14.00

Success, rank, wealth, only the most daring rub this balm into their beard. Masculine manly scented with a dash of admiration and respect. It's not by chance any man with this fragrance in his beard reaches the achievement of perfection.

- Beard Gains offers the best smelling balms period. Our proprietary blend has been a game changer in how a balm is supposed to smell. Beard Gains is the first company to offer a product that doubles up as beard care and cologne.

• Use back of thumb & scrap half dime size
• Rub paste together till melted
• Deeply massage into your beard & skin with finger tips
• Comb, tame & shape
• Reapply as necessary
• Apply Beard Gains Imported Beard Oil to add ultimate health, softness & sheen

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