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Palnatoke "Celtic Longsword" Prop Replica LARP Sword

In the early days of warfare, the sword was a weapon, designed for offense and nothing more. The Celtic LARP Longsword draws on the style of the Celt, creating an effective blade that lends itself well to attacking and defeating ones enemies. The sword has a streamlined design with a straight-edged, gently tapered blade that looks effective for both cutting and thrusting. The hilt features a small guard that curves into the hilt, as well as a scent-stopper pommel at the tip. The weapon lends a sense of realism to any training event or LARP battle, while its construction from multi-density foam around a flexible carbon-fiber core makes this Celtic LARP Longword a safe and effective weapon for any warrior to own and wield.

Palnatoke's foam LARP swords are the most advanced on the market. 
A durable glass fiber core with reinforced tip is surrounded by soft and semi-hard foam. Before assembly the guard is coated in rubber greatly increasing durability. The entire sword is then given a 10-step coating process resulting in an equal layer of very strong rubber. Once the handle is wrapped you have the strongest foam sword made specifically for LARPing available with an extremely durable top coat.

Blade measures roughly 37.5" long. Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece. Made in Denmark.

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