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Order of the King Ceremonial Dagger

$ 39.00


This beautiful dagger has a stainless-steel blade with a satin finish and unsharpened edge that makes it perfect for costume or cosplay. The hilt features intricate details that make it stand out above the rest. The pommel and guard are made from zinc aluminum and comes in a pewter finish. filigree decorates the guard and the pommel is shaped to look like a crown. The black handle is wrapped with wire, giving a stunning overall finish. The scabbard is also black and has a faux leather look. The aluminum fitting on the locket features the profile head of a loyal knight, and the chape has a gorgeous floral pattern



Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Overall Length: 14.75 inches
Blade Length: 9.25 inches
Handle Length: 5.5 inches
Guard Length: 3.75 inches

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