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ONE PIECE Zoro Wado Ichimonji Katana Handle Umbrella White

$ 53.00


Wielded by the powerful swordsman Roronoa Zoro from the anime One piece. The Wado Ichimonji sword is one of three swords carried by Zoro. This is the umbrella version of the sword. Sporting a traditional katana handle and metal guard. The handle is covered in ray skin and finished with cotton wrapping. The metal guard is made of metal and rounded to replicate the Wado Ichimonji sword carried by Zoro. The handle connects to a high-quality umbrella. Featuring a white canopy and wide coverage, this stylish umbrella has your back. Also comes with a matching cover with a carry handle to keep your umbrella out of the way while out on the town.



Overall length 39 inches
Ray skin katana handle finished with white cotton wrapping
Rounded metal guard
High quality umbrella with white canopy
Matching polyester cover with carry handle

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