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Domestic Platypus-Offensive Crayons - Funny Adult Coloring Gift - Ships from the USA-Novelty-[meta description]

Offensive Crayons

$ 9.95


Aren’t you tired of coloring with “blue” or “burnt sienna?” Us, too. What you need are Offensive Crayons. Gone are the safe colors like "goldenrod" or "violet." Now we have "Suspicious Cold Sore Red" and "Privilege" (white, of course), "Boner Pill Blue" and "Travel Ban Brown" - Add some diversity to your politically correct color box with these 24 blunt, direct, and irreverent shades.

  • 24 Assorted Color(s), or at least 22-23 different, since we used the cheapest labor we could find

  • Non toxic, gluten free (probably), vegan (we think), we might as well call them "organic"

  • Carefully constructed by, more than likely, a small underpaid child in China

  • OUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (that they're actually crayons - no promises for anything else)

  • Safe for ages 17+ (or whatever, we don't care)

  • Product Dimensions (in inches): 2.80 x 3.70 x 1.10

This item ships from the USA and typically arrives in 5-10 business days domestically, 2-3 weeks abroad.

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