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Norse Sharpened Viking Spangenhelm Evil Throwing Spear Head High Carbon Steel

$ 53.00


Vikings are well known for decorating their weapons with elaborate designs that made them unique to each individual warrior. We have taken this tradition and combined these runic designs with a beautiful tempered steel spear head. Hand forged from carbon steel, heat treated and sharpened to a point this spear head is as deadly as it is beautiful. The handle comes with a tapered opening to facilitate mounting. A screw hole is drilled into handle, once you mount the spear head onto a suitable shaft, one can use a screw to ensure a tight fit. This spearhead comes with a handmade tooled leather sheath to help store and transport this spearhead.


Overall Length: 11.6 inches
Blade Length: 7 inches, Blade Width: 3 inches
Etched Evil Spangenhelm Knotwork Designs
Material: High Carbon Steel, Sharpened, Pointing Edge
Genuine Leather Sheath Included

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