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Domestic Platypus-Sabretooth Tiger 3D Print Balaclava, Funny Weird Protective Face Mask-Balaclava-[meta description]

Sabretooth Tiger 3D Print Balaclava

$ 9.95

High quality all-over 3D print polyester Balaclava.

Breathable quick dry polyester fabric, windproof and dustproof, over-the-head full face and neck mask with colorfast UV resistant print.

Unisex, one size fits most adults. Measures approximately 26cm x 45cm

Don't be fooled by the unique design. While ideal for costume / cosplay, practical jokes, etc. this is a high quality product suitable for practical use during activities like cycling, hiking, driving, etc. or at outdoor events and festivals.

Typically ships in 2-3 business days from abroad. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.