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Mini Spyglass Pirate Telescope Box Set

$ 31.00


This adorable mini telescope when extended has 3 sections. The end section is made from brass with a magnifying lens and wrapped in rexin. The middle section is made from brass as well as the beginning section. Fantasize about sailing the high seas in the Caribbean. Portray yourself as your favorite Pirate Captain or maybe you aren’t a pirate at all maybe, just maybe you are a Naval Officer. Use your spyglass for navigating the oceans and seas of the world. One of the great benefits to this spyglass is that it comes with its own wooden storage box. The box is made from sheesham with a dark oak stain. In the center on the top of the lid sits a brass anchor. This novelty piece will look great in your office or in your den.



Decorative Wooden Box
Collapsible, Handmade
Extended Overall Length: 6.07 Inches
Overall Width: 1.30 Inches
Material: Brass and Rexine

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