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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wooden Beard Comb

$ 20.00

Thia incredible grooming tool is made durable and lightweight premium quality rosewood. All surfaces, edges, and teeth of this comb have been 3 stage hand sanded for a furniture grade smooth finish. Individually stress tested for structural integrity.

Compact (4.81in x 3.81in) and portable so you can give your beard a touch-up on the go.

A unique protective coating process requiring 5 coats and 18 days for each comb. This makes the comb easier to stroke through your facial hair with less snagging, pulling of hairs, and split ends. It’s no secret wood combs can easily break but with this gloss additive your new comb can withstand more pressure from everyday use and is less likely to split, crack or warp than conventional wooden combs on the market.

Made in and shipped from the USA.

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