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Medieval Viking Hewing Spearhead Functional High Carbon Steel

$ 77.00


Embrace the Viking spirit with our Long Arm Hewing Spearhead—a functional recreation of the spearheads used by Vikings in the 1400s. Crafted for extended reach and functionality, this spearhead is a testament to the simple yet effective design that made it a versatile tool for anyone. The piece comes predrilled and ready to be mounted onto a handle of your choice, providing enthusiasts and reenactors the experience of crafting their own spear.



Historical Recreation: Replicates the Viking hewing spearhead from the medieval era.
Extended Reach: Longer blade for increased functionality.
Easy Assembly: Predrilled and ready to mount on a handle.
Perfect for Reenactments: Ideal for medieval enthusiasts and reenactors.
Overall Length: 25.25 inches, Blade Length: 12.75 inches

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