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Marvel Avengers THOR Head Knocker

$ 34.00

NECA Marvel Avengers THOR Head Knocker Extreme Bobble Head Statue

Thor is not amused by your Avengers Thor Head Knocker Bobble Head. Why dost thou thinketh it funny to see a caricature of the Mighty Norse Thunder God with an enlarged and agreeable-looking head, nodding up and down like a simpleton? Thor is enraged by thine insolence, and shall have thee pay dearly! Naw, Thor's just messin' with ya! He won't really bring down swift and exacting judgment upon you for your insolence.... 

Cast in high quality resin & hand painted for amazing, screen accurate detail. Stands ~7.75" tall on circular Avengers logo base.

Genuine, Officially Licensed NECA Product -- Brand New in Box

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