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Lavender / Lilac and Black Queer Liberation Flag, Protest Banner-Triple chevron in a purple of defiance, three arrows against fascism & oppression. 

LGBTQ LGBTQX LGBTQIA+ gay lesbian bisexual pan trans nonbinary genderqueer BLM racial gender sexuality feminist intersectional womens poc marginalized liberty rights equality justice united resist anarchist anarcho antifa anti-fascist -5 ft x 3 ft-Standard-Grommets-

Lavender / Lilac and Black Queer Liberation Flag

$ 19.95 $ 74.95

Lines that can't be straightened in a defiant purple on a solid black field of unwavering solidarity. The lilac/lavender V's are tipped at the points and lined at the upper outer edges with a darker shade at a more significant angle emphasizing the rising/lifting and reaching/driving aspects of the associated philosophies. 

A triple chevron, three arrows against fascism and oppression, aligned to form a unified, focused and driving point... While all progress toward greater inclusion and equality is meaningful, it is the role and responsibility of those who have been marginalized and oppressed not merely to gain recognition and access into existing inequitable and unjust structures and institutions but to help guide and reform them towards greater legitimate equality for all. 

High quality, professionally made polyester flag in your choice of size and style, with double stitched edges and either grommets or matching pole pocket at left edge.

Standard Flags are 'single-side reverse' style with one printed side which shows backwards on the reverse when flown or held to light.

Deluxe Flags are fully double-sided and include two separately printed sides with a blackout layer between.

This item is made to order and typically ships in about 10 business days. Fully customizable by request. If desired, please contact us prior to purchase. 

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