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King Edward III Medieval Longsword Replica

$ 137.00


Our Templar styled King Edward III Medieval Longsword Replica has a Crusader vibe with crisp clean, timeless lines worthy of royalty. A modestly adorned, cross-engraved heavy coin style pommel is made of the same brass as the ball tipped, down turned cross guard. Smooth black leather is sewn around the wooden grip to cushion your hold and provide a more distinguished look. A short ricasso leads down to a grooved fuller section of the double edged non-sharp blade. This groove adds flexibility to the blade to protect it from breaking while the ridge lends additional strength for the stabbing favored by English warriors. The last third of the blade transitions to a blunted spear tip. The Scabbard is also fashioned of leather covered wood and features a polished brass tip at its end.



Overall Length: 42 Inches
Blade: 34 Inches Long; 3.7mm Thick; High Carbon Stainless Steel
Guard: 7.25 Inches Wide, Brass Finish
Handle: 6.25 Inches Long; Black Leather Wrapped
Pommel: 3.25 Inches Long; Brass Finish

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