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Kids Tactical Vest Kit for Nerf Guns - 46 Pieces

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With this deluxe kid Tactical Vest Kit your young gun can fire at will. With 40 foam bullet darts 2 quick reload clips that hold 6 rounds each an 8-round wrist bandolier safety glasses and a face tube mask it's sure to be a battle to the bitter end. Say good-bye to fumbling for loose rounds as our tactical vest keeps everything at your fingertips. Elastic loops and mesh pockets make it easy to unleash a volley for rounds while running from 1 point of cover to the next. Unrestricted movement and comfort Designed to replicate authentic tactical vests this kid-size version is made of lightweight nylon with side adjustment straps for optimal fit. The cloth tube mask is soft and breathable and makes an imposing impression with the printed skull face. It can also be fashioned into a headband neckerchief or hood. Impact-resistant vision glasses with blue tint let you safely keep both eyes peeled for hostile forces. Kids are apt to play outdoor from sun-up to sun-down once they're outfitted with this trusty tactical gear. Fun and educational Make-believe is about more than just playtime. Dress-up boosts self-confidence encourages teamwork and develops communication and motor skills. The tactical play also helps your child problem-solve and make scientific discoveries about trajectory and wind resistance. Let your child enjoy playing SWAT with his peers knowing that he's learning about himself and the world at large. To strike a definitive blow against evil-doers add our 46-piece Kids Tactical Vest Kit for Nerf Elite N-Strike Blasters to your cart today.


  • 46-PIECE SET includes kids' tactical vest 40 soft bullet darts 2 quick reload clips a wrist band vision gear and a cloth face tube mask. Compatible with N-Strike Elite blasters and most original N-Strike blasters.
  • ARMED TO THE TEETH describes your junior commando with 2 quick-reload magazines that hold 6 rounds each plus an 8-round wrist bandolier. Elastic loops and a mesh pocket hold the clips and remaining darts.
  • REACT FAST to enemy incursions when you’re decked-out with this essential tactical gear for kids. You’ll look as fearsome and formidable as the real-life counterparts who keep the peace every day.
  • BREATHABLY COMFORTABLE kids’ tactical kit keeps you cool when the battle heats-up.
  • Features a lightweight nylon vest; soft cloth tube mask with a skull design; and blue-tint eyewear to protect vision.
  • RIGHT-SIZED for age 7 years and up the vest has adjustable hook-and-loop sidebands for a custom fit. The wrist bandolier is made of sturdy elastic also with hook-and-loop fastener for a reliable fit.


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