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Keychain Tempered Steel Mini Baton Silver

$ 31.00


They won't know what hit em! This sturdy Keychain Tactical Tempered Steel Silver Baton sports a solid silver steel design from top to bottom with a keyring at the end of the handle. It uses a textured heat tempered steel handle design with a rigged design for extreme gripping. The handle also features a silver keychain holder which can also be use as a hanging ring. This small and compact style baton features seamless alloy steel heat tempered silver telescopic tubing; this solid silver finish is the perfect defense weapon capable of bringing down any attacker or assailant and extends out to 12 inch with just a flick of the wrist. With a great tensile strength and bending strength, it gives this mini keychain tactical baton the flexibility a person need. We offer this compact style baton in a 12 inch black version. It is one of the most sophisticated tactical defense weapon known to civilians, law enforcements officials and security guards in the market. Easily carried and readily available.



Overall Length: 12 inch
Handle Length: 5.25 inch
Steel Type: Heat Tempered Steel, Silver Finish

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