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Japanese Scimitar Anime Kyouraku Shunsui Twin Sword Set

$ 100.00


Expand your Anime dream collection of swords with the Kyouraku Shunsui Twin Sword Set. This sword is carried by Captain Kyouraku Shunsui, Captain of the 8th Division. His fantasy sword is known as Katen Kyouraku. This sword features a Steel blade with two tone colors, black and silver which has an Arabian look. The spine of the blade has the cut outs imitating the sword which is seen in many Anime Manga. The guard and fittings are also made from Steel while the entire metal parts of this sword has been Electroplated to prevent from rust or weather damage. The handle has been wrapped with red nylon cord for extra grip followed by a red tassel attached to the pommel of the Kyouraku Shunsui Anime Sword. The Anime Manga Sword Set comes equipped with two black nylon sheaths with back straps for easy maneuverability.



Overall Length: 26 Inches
Blade: 19 Inches Stainless Steel, Black & Silver Tone
Fittings Material: Steel, Electroplated to Prevent Rust and Corrosion
Handle Material: Red Nylon Cord Wrap with Red Tassel Attached
Includes: Two Swords & Black Nylon Sheath

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