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Infamous Brass Carlisle Castle Dungeon Keys

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Carlisle Castle in North West England boasts an impressive record of royal plots and prisoners, including Mary, Queen of Scots. However it is in the dungeons below which saw a more common breed of prisoner, and in which lies a brutal reminder of a sinister story the castle has to tell. Prisoners held during the Jacobite War were kept in such appalling conditions that they were reduced to licking the walls of the dungeon for moisture. Coined the ‘licking stones,’ these haunting relics can be seen in the castle today. This replica dungeon key set comes with a brass keyring with a smaller ring on top for looping through a belt or sash. Five brass skeleton keys come with this set and range from 2.75” to 5.75” in size. This set is the perfect accent to complete costumes or as props on set.



Shortest Key: 2.75 Inches
Longest Key: 5.75 Inches
Diameter of Key Ring: 3.25 Inches
Quantity: Set of 5 Keys with a Key Ring
Material: Brass

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