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Hundred Years Leather Medieval Belt Pouch

$ 38.00


During the Medieval Era belt pouches were a part of everyday life. With pockets scarce, pouches were used to carry personal items, coinage, and small items such as eating utensils. A pouch like this of superior quality would have been carried by a member of the upper class. It is made from genuine leather that has been hand sewn. You can see each piece was stitched with care. The closure is a belt made of leather that is adjustable. The top is a three point diamond adhered with three antiqued studs. The buckle is 100% pure brass. Two sturdy belt loops measure approximately two inches wide adorn the back. This piece is perfect for a period costume or everyday use.



Overall Length: 6 Inches
Overall Width: 6 Inches
Overall Thickness: 1.62 Inches Belt Loop Size: 2 Inches
Material: Genuine Quality Leather
Color: Black Closure: Brass Buckle

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