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Horse Head Walking Cane Staff

$ 46.00


With a 36.5 inch, stainless steel, black matte shaft, this Horse Head Walking Cane Staff stands tall with realistic features. It has a horse head aluminum handle with a brass color finish. The cap matches the handle for a sleek look. The Horse Head Cane Staff features a black 36.5 inch stainless steel shaft with a matte black finish. This is a sturdy, supportive cane and can be used every day for all needs. With a rubberized tip at the base, expect a soft landing and help with balancing while walking.



Overall Length: 36.50 inches
Handle Length: 3.75 inches
Shaft Length: 33.5 inches
Shaft Material: Stainless Steel, Matte Black Finish
Handle Material: Aluminum over Brass Color Finish

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