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-Black and Hand Painted Gold Bees with Crystals-

Honey Bee Black Travel Tumbler with Crystals

$ 187.00

The invigorating essence of life comes from taking real pleasure in harvesting. It is all about seeing our effort coming to fruition, just like the way authentic artisanship can transform our lives. In our newest Honeybee Travel Mug with Crystal collection, we capture the beauty of harvesting through the symbol of bees, with graceful imagery and patterns.

Bee is a symbol of wisdom and rebirth is often considered the guardian of the natural world. In the European culture, bees themselves are often characterized as magically-imbued creatures, and their honey is a divine gift, bringing auspicious unity to families. We are inspired to infuse this idea into our design and stimulate a balanced aesthetic between traditional and contemporary. The bottle's body is patterned by gold-lined hexagon honeycombs studded with crystal and vivid friezes of golden bees. The sculpted bees reveal their tentacles and wings in exquisite detail. In various textures, the bees seem to morph and dance, suggesting elegance and movement. It brings a lively touch of delight to life.

The lid of the bottle is crafted in champagne-gold colored acrylic, embedded with an eye-catching piece of crystal at its center. 

For us, the honeybee travel mug is a meticulous and sensuous piece. We try to capture the feeling of harvesting joy in the details of your everyday usage. We want the design to kindle wonder and introspection. It invites adventure through a heartfelt experience with life. And most importantly, it encourages us to keep harvesting delight in life.

Ships from the USA

Tourmaline Anion - Patented Far infrared and negative ion Technology

Tumbler Material:

Lid material : 
Acrylic Resin Lid embedded with a crystal, ABS Inner Thread Cap, and silicone Cover(SGS food grade test passed) 

350 ml / 12.3 oz

Double Wall

7.2" H x 2.8"

Minted Gift Box 

Care: Please hand wash for optimal cleaning results.


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