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Hint of Royalty Purple Suede Leather Pouch

$ 27.00


Our Hint of Royalty Purple Suede Leather Pouch is something beyond special. The strong suede construction provides an abnormal amount of durability and comfort. Medieval time’s people used to wear suede frequently, as it was commonly used as shoes and other garments to help people endure extreme weather conditions. Those individuals often used the pouch for holding fruits, supplies from the market, extra clothing and many other small objects that could be bothersome to carry in your bare hands. When our suede is on your side hanging from your belt with its sturdy belt loops, a strong sense of confidence and authority is felt spiraling in your heart. Kings are defined by their effectivity and growth, not by their lifestyles.



Bag Material: Suede Leather
Dimensions w/o Belt Loop: 10.1 Inches x 9.5 Inches
Belt Loop Dimensions: 1.25 Inches x .75 Inches
Color: Purple
Adornment Material: Brass

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