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Handmade Nili-Ravi Artisan Natural Horn

$ 46.00


People have used these horns to create amazing pieces. They have made bookends, sculptures, and drinking horns. Only your imagination is the limit. These horns have been hand polished and you will notice the shine on certain parts as well as weathered areas. These horns are 100% real so each one is unique and no two are the same. See all the distressed point. The gouges are from the animal scratching its horn up against trees and other surfaces. This beautiful piece will inspire great things in you. Place it anywhere in your home as an accent piece. * Please not there may be a slight odor as this is a natural item. The color and shape may vary and may not be exactly like the picture. Item may have minor scratches due to buffing and natural material. When measuring this item we measure it at the spine. This is an all-natural item and you will need to coat inside with beeswax. In order to do this you will melt the beeswax and pour it in the horn. Coat the inside evenly and pour out the excess wax. Please wash with a gentle detergent before coating the inside and polish with vegetable oil to keep it from drying out. And from time to time you will want to use beeswax to coat the inside to keep from cracking. Please do not use hot liquids in this item. The variations in their shapes and colors can only be made by nature; thus a horn may have natural blemishes which will not affect its functionality but does verify its authenticity.



Horn Height 17-20 Inches (Measurement Taken Along Spine)
Material: Horn
100% Natural Horn
Holds up to 12-16oz of Liquid
Hand Crafted

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