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Handmade Fair Maiden Modest Belt Pouch

$ 31.00


During the Renaissance, bags worn belted at the hip carried personal items such as smelling salts, fans, and opera glasses. These bags were important as clothing did not come will pockets. You could also find rose petals, spices, and herbs to cover up the smell of body odor and ward off infectious agents believed to be carried on unpleasant aromas. Pouches like the Handmade Fair Maiden Modest Belt Pouch were essential to everyday life. This pouch is made from suede and dyed a lovely rich slate blue. It is muted for everyday use or dressy enough to finish off that special outfit on your way out to the opera. Adhered to the back are two large belt loops to accommodate any size belt. To keep your valuables safe there is a decorative brass button closure featured on the front. Now you can leave the house in style with your very own Handmade Fair Maiden Modest Belt Pouch. A perfect accessory for any Renaissance style costume.



Dimensions: 6 Inches x 5 Inches
Belt Loop Size: 3 Inches
Material: Genuine Suede
Color: Blue Slate
Closure: Brass Coin and Loop

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