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-Fun, unique Halloween party supplies, Set of 10 IV Blood Bag PVC drink pouches (350mL) with straws/tubes, labels, clips & funnels. 60mL shot syringes sold separately. Free shipping.

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Halloween Party IV Blood Bag Drink Pouches

$ 9.95

A fun addition to any Halloween party. Unique IV Bag drink pouches made of food safe PVC with attached 'straw' tubes.

Sold in sets of 10, Each set comes with two funnels for filling, labels and sealing clips. Pouches hold 350mL each, 60mL syringes also available separately for 'shots' -- Not for use with hot beverages. Freezing may weaken or damage seals. Empty, beverage not included. Not for actual medical use.

Free shipping from abroad with average delivery to the US in 2-3 weeks.

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