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Grand Viking Age Forged Spear Head

$ 62.00


The spear was the most commonly used weapon in the Viking age. Although not as glamorous as the sword, the spear was in every sense the definitive weapon of the Viking Age and used as the primary weapon of combat by almost every warrior.  This spear head is constructed from forged iron steel with an angular blade and a fuller running down the center.  Attach it to a longer staff for an intimidating weapon.  A rivet or screw hole is provided to attach the head to the shaft.   This spear head makes a great weapon for re-enactments, theater, or costume.



Overall: Length: 14.14 Inches, Width: 3.13 Inches
Blade Length: 6.75 Inches
Thickness: 5.31mm
Diameter: Rivet Hole: 3.62mm, Socket: 28.65mm
Material: Forged Iron Steel

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