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Gnome Chomping Dinosaur Garden Statue, Funny Outdoor Sculpture 3 Sizes-Garden-size dinos are still around, it's a fact! The toothy monsters reign terror on gnomekind. Gnomes chomped and chewed, miniature gojira massacres, entire gnome villages trampled by pint-sized kaijus, Oh the horror! Detailed resin sculpture 15cm/5.9in, 24cm/9.5in or 30cm/~12in. Free shipping to USA. t-rex godzilla-15x10x6cm-

Gnome Chomping Dinosaur Garden Statue

$ 29.95

Garden sized dinosaurs are certainly still around, it's a fact! Just ask any common garden gnome and they can regale you with tales of the terror these toothy reptilian monsters can reign on gnomekind... of friends chomped and chewed or who narrowly escaped with just surface cracks and chips... of entire gnome villages trampled underfoot of these pint-sized kaijus.

Detailed resin garden statue in your choice of size: 15x10x6cm (about 5.9x3.4x2.4in), 24x15x9cm (about 9.5x5.9x3.5in) or a glorious 30x20x10cm (roughly 11.8x8.9x3.4 inches). All measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

Free shipping from abroad. These are typically delivered to the US in about 2-3 weeks.

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