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-All 5-Original, Offensive-ISH, Porn Pack, Red White and Fuck You, & Holiday Editions at a discount price.Blunt irreverent shades to diversify politically correct adult coloring. Colors as dirty as your browser history. More subtle edition for office white elephant gifts. Funny gag joke novelty non-PC incorrect wrong-

Offensive Crayons - All 5 Editions

$ 35.00

All 5 editions of Offensive Crayons at a discounted price for cheap bastards.

Original Offensive Crayons
Offensive-ISH Edition
The Porn Pack
"Red, White, and Fuck You" Edition
Holiday Edition

Shipped from the USA.

Original Edition: 24 blunt, direct, and irreverent shades to diversify your politically correct crayon box. Be warned, this set offers equal opportunity for offense! 

Offensive-ISH Edition: All the shitty humor of the original but Karen approved. A white elephant gift that will earn a disapproving look from HR but ultimately not get you fired.

The Porn Pack: Crayons as dirty as your browser history. All the excitement of tentacles, ASMR, and cat girls, but with none of the actual imagery that would turn on your step-sister.

Red, White and Fuck You Edition: Politically themed c
rayons that remind you that your vote doesn’t matter unless you happen to control a Super PAC or are a lizard person.

    Holiday Edition: In the spirit of capitalism, celebr ate the seasonwith colors that accurately reflect the awkwardness of the holidays. We promise this set is a marginally better gift than the $10 Starbucks card you planned to give Janet in accounting.

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