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Atomic Self-Illuminating Titanium Vial Pendant

$ 60.00

These futuristic pendants have a titanium housing which holds a glass vial of tritium which brightly self-illuminates to a fluorescent-like in the dark without the need for external energy, sun exposure or recharging.

In addition to being a really novel piece of future tech, this makes these pendants quite helpful for finding things in the dark and ideal for use on key rings, zipper pulls, pet collars.

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen with a half-life of around 12 years. Don't worry though, tritium emits no beta waves and cannot penetrate human skin when contained in this manner which is why it is also commonly used to provide glow features in high end watches.

The pendant measures approximately 35mm long and 9mm in diameter with the titanium alloy housing. The tritium vial at its core is is 22.5mm with a diameter of 3mm.

Brand New, sturdy and well constructed. It can even be used underwater to depths of about 100 meters.

These items typically ship in 5-7 business days. Please allow an additional week or two for delivery via standard method as they ship from abroad.

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