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Functional Templar Knight Triple Edge Medieval Halberd Spearhead

$ 77.00


Unleash the might of the Coup De Grâce Halberd Spearhead, a functional masterpiece inspired by the knightly Templar design. Crafted from high carbon steel, this halberd boasts an imposing size with a triple-edge blade adorned with three cross cutouts, creating a truly fearsome appearance. The towering top spike and curved back spike amplify its battlefield versatility, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both authenticity and practicality. Mount it effortlessly on a handle of your choice, and witness the embodiment of a medieval halberd ready for real combat scenarios.



Triple-Edge Blade with Distinctive Cross Cutouts
High Carbon Steel Construction for Authenticity and Functionality
Towering Size and Presence Tall Top Spike for Commanding Combat Applications
Curved Back Spike for Varied Combat Techniques
Predrilled Shaft for Easy Assembly and Immediate Use

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