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Farm to Battlefield Medieval Bill Spearhead with Back Spike and Hook

$ 77.00


Unearth the legacy of medieval farm tools turned battlefield weapons with the Farm to Battlefield Bill Spearhead. Resembling a scythe, this high carbon steel replica boasts additional top and back spikes, along with a wide blade and a short hook for versatility. A testament to blacksmithing wonders, it comes with a predrilled shaft for quick assembly. Ideal for reenactors and educators, this English bill spearhead tells tales of medieval warfare.



High carbon steel construction for durability
Top spike, back spike, and hook for versatile combat applications
Predrilled shaft for easy assembly on a wooden handle
Overall Length: 25.5 Inches, Main Blade Length: 10 Inches
Reflects the widespread use by peasantry in medieval European warfare.

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